Ideas for a house warming/party...?!

Question: Ideas for a house warming/party...?
I have about 10 people coming to my new place. My house isn't very big and I don't really have a big dining table so I'll just be making some nibbles. I thought of board games.. Any board game suggestions?
Obviously drinking... Maybe drinking games also, any drinking games we could play?
Some music in the background?
Or any other suggestions please say :)


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Get some good music! Dim the lights, get drinking, look out for some fun, funny stuff to use as props that people can mess around with, give them a laugh. Try for example, lots of stuff there, I think they have drinking games too but drinking games can be a bit naff sometimes! Then some dancing, if the music's good. It doesn't matter about the space, it's a lot more fun if space is tight!

There are many cultures that revel on get together's and they do it by having a buffet style. Something that you do not have to sit around a table and that's very formal anyway.

How about a Mexican with tortillas, meat, salad, dips and salsa!! OR Chilli



Games, something to get everyone going, that gets involved. Even the Wii is great for adults only nights.

Why not try a back to front night where by you come dressed up backwards jacket on the wrong way trousers the wrong way make a clock with the hands back to front. or a tacky night where you come dressed up in the most revolting clothes you could where green dress with a purple scarf or different coulerd shoes. Have a great party.

redhot chillie peppers inthe backgroun everyone likes them :) cocktail sausages, scrabble, cards, drinking game : ring of fire, save the queen etc

You could play pictionary, wrong answer get's a shot. Also jello shooters are always fun.

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