I need server to server advice!?!

Question: I need server to server advice!?
I took a break from waiting tables because of my job at the time and really enjoyed the break. I feel more rested and excited about my new job waiting tables. However, I get very nervous talking to people I don't know. I come off as shy and have trouble communicating to the guests I wait on. How do I get better at this? I welcome all advice and stories of waiting tables. I want to be more comfortable and be able to convey that to the guests.

Thank you.


What I found worked for me was to have 8 or 10 "PAT" comments and greetings to use. The guests really don't care how YOUR life is going or what YOU enjoy eating. Find ways to get them to tell you what they like and how their day is going. If they do the talking and you do the listening you will win them over and you will also make better tips.
Listen to the servers that have been working the longest at your restaurant. Learn from them. Add your personal touches, and always try to have something funny that you can say.
Good luck.

Always seem happy and warm, even when you're not feeling it.

When conversing with customers:
Try to gauge their mood - are they making brief comments to be polite or do they genuinely want you to stop and chat?
Don't talk too much or be intrusive, but always seem pleasantly interested and encouraging in whatever your customers are talking about.
If you think they want to talk, ask basic questions about what they have revealed about themselves (if they're going on holiday, if they've had a busy day, if they have guests with them. etc) to allow them to expand. People like talking about themselves. Always be complimentary and agreeable about what they tell you.

When greeting customers at the door:
Smile and seem pleased to see them. If you know their name, use it (use Mr or Mrs rather than first name). Compliment women on an aspect of their outfit (coat, jewellery, etc), but men should be extremely careful here - don't seem to flirt with a guy's girlfriend and don't come across as pervy or sleazy.
Take them to their table and then go and get them a glass of iced water each straight away.

I'm a waitress.

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