im planing my 18th bday party any ideas?!

Question: Im planing my 18th bday party any ideas?
I was thinking rocky horror picture show but idk how to plan it any ideas on that also im open to any ideas on everything would love picture ideas on themes!!!


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Theme: balloons!
Pick a color scheme with two colors and include white with that. Perhaps your high school colors? Your favorite color? Inflate thousands and have the guests blow some up enough to fill your bedroom. This will occupy some time, is fun, inexpensive, and will create lasting memories IF there are thousands of balloons. Once the party is over the guests can have fun popping most of them or taking some home with them and you can keep a portion to have fun with later in the week. More advice: get an electric balloon inflator. You'll be glad you did.

The theme
Blue Wedding
As if your getting married, and you have to wear the prettiest dressses
But in blue! ^_^
And like the tables are blue and the cake is blue and theres blue flowers! :)

or you can do
Childhood dreams (:
Like what you wanted to be when you grew up :D

Bwahahaaa yuppp ;) Xx

if you like movies you could do it themed to one of them, or a camp out, or a survivor party if you like that show, im doing a titanic dinner party for my birthday, kind of old fashioned but i like it! hope this helped :)

Book worm.
Book and maths equation wallpapers.
All sit down quietly with low relaxing classical music playing and read a book, after each hour, everyone takes in order a few minutes to discuss the book they have just read.

glow party - black lights and neon face paint
royal ball - yeah like kings and queens and all that jazz
tiki vacation - flower necklaces, grass skirts well you get the idea
dead hollywood - dress up as dead stars

It really depends on your personality, difficult to suggest if we don't know what your interests and likes are

you could make an italian day :P
Do some pasta, Lasagna, maybe finish off with a tiramisu? :P good luck m8

plenty of cheesecakes

rock ur brthday party with your frends n call me tooooooooooooooooooooooo

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