I have nothing to do, ideas?!

Question: I have nothing to do, ideas?
It's snowy and too cold to go outside, I've been on answers since like 2pm and I need something to do, any ideas. BTW i'm a 13 year old girl if that helps:)


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Beats me. If I knew I would do it myself.

were you the ones that got off in the south for like 2 inches of snow???

I live in buffalo and its been snowing all day the past two days and its like 12F its definately a lot warmer there you should put on a coat and play in the snow you never know when it will come back (unless you live in the North like me its been snowing constantly and still have school)

Theres some cool websites you can make things like scrapbook for free on smilebox.com
Make a video for free on truemedia.com. Make yourself A website? Or Even blog. Watch A movie. Read A book Bake cookies,Play around with your hair or makeup for different looks. Cut out Magazine pictures and make a cooliage. However you spell it.lol Text your friends, Write an email to your friends. Read books online.Listen to music. I hope I helped.lol

If there is someone else in the house... you could talk to them.

Back in the 80s and 90s, I spent much of my time talking to people. It was FUN.

That very rarely happens nowadays though...

yea im a thirteen year old girl lol just like draw or color or listen to the radio or if you have a boyfriend call him or text him same old crap i do lol

Clean/re-organzie your room

Go play in the snow or call a friend to come over and hang out.

Bake a cake!

i have been onlie all day why not watch a dvd i have done that too

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