How many guests dont come?!

Question: How many guests dont come?
I am inviting 110 people to my sweet 16 and hoping for only 80-85 to that the usual who dont show?


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It depends on lots of things.... what culture you live in, when you plan to have your party, what the venue will be. Usually its safe to assume 25% won't be there and about 5% that RSVP have something come up last minute. If most of the invitees are family, chances are you will have a higher turn out. Happy Birthday!

You should include RSVP's in with your invitations like a wedding - that way you can order food etc based on how many have responded.
Don't guess on who will or will not show up. You could be in for an embarrassing surprise by not having enough food or have way too much food left over and have to figure out what to do with it.
There are factors that could predict how many people will attend your party.
Weather, the day of the week, other activities occurring at the same time etc.

when you do invitation have a rsvp by a certain date, then order more then who has rsvp, so if 80 people rsvp, then get enough for like 90 or 100, worst comes to worst you have left overs.

Birdhous is correct..

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