i need sweet 16 party ideas?!

Question: I need sweet 16 party ideas?
I am turning 16 in February, and i have absolutely no idea what kind of party to have. Please help me whom ever is on yahoo.


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You need strobe light and a disco ball....turn off every light in the house and turn up the music so it's like a club!

I did that for new years...it was super fun

Hot Tub Party! I did this one year and it was great! Just had all my friends round and it doesn't matter what the weather does and you stay nice and warm
You can hire them from the internet and surprisingly they're not as expensive as you think:)

have a big party invite all your mates really splash out on it let them sleepover and put on face masks (even the lads) play on the wii eat loads of junk food lol I did this for new year it was great xxxxxxxxxx


(Depends on what you are into)

Alice In Wonderland
Horror movies

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