Have you ever noticed Totino's Pizza Rolls have 16 in a 15 pack?!

Question: Have you ever noticed Totino's Pizza Rolls have 16 in a 15 pack?
I've gone through 5 boxes of different flavors of Totino's Pizza Rolls and they all have 1 extra.
It says 15 count but it has 16.. Is it like that intentionally? or am i getting weird boxes.


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You're supposed to take the extra one back to the store, or else, it's like shoplifting and stuff.

This dates back to England in the late 1700's and 1800's. The bakery sold items buy the dozen. If they only gave you 11 items instead of 12, they were often thrown in jail or even executed. They began to give the customers 13 and it was called A Bakers Dozen. The expression is still used today. If they sell you less than advertized you could sue them.

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Their mistake, your awesomeness for noticing. Dont think about it, just accept the 16 piece as the rest.

who really cares? you are getting more for your money

shizz i would be like h*** yea i get one more then they promised! lmao XD

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