how to host a cook off at home?!

Question: How to host a cook off at home?

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I went away for a holiday and just didn't feel like cooking. I was taking care of 6 kids. I devided them up into two teams, took all the ingredients we had and shared it fairly and gave them a 40 minute time challenge. They really astounded me with the brilliant ideas they came up with and I happily ate a fantastic meal. The most important thing is that they had loads of fun.
It was sort of a Ready, Steady, Cook thing.
I must say that I also really loved the Jamie Oliver show where he had two teams swop kitchens for a meal and they had to work with what was in the pantry, I learnt a lot from that.

Invite your friends, family. Invite your opponents, gather your cooking supplies, and get ready to entertain and enjoy!! Have appetizers and beverages that don't require service that way guests can grab and go while watching the cooking festivities!! Have Fun!!

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