Whats a great name for this party Im having?!

Question: Whats a great name for this party Im having?
Im having a party around St. Patrick's day with this group Im in, only instead of green our main color will be blue. What a great name for the party that has a St. Patrick's day feel but blue is also incorporated?


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Bluebells of Ireland Party

bluebells are a common flower in england/ireland-(My Mother)

1. Turn St. Patrick's day blue
2. The Blue of St. Patrick's day
3. Make St. Patrick's day be Blue
4. Blue all day

P.S. If your having it around St. Patrick's day then you don't have to make it about St. Patrick's day. you could just change the subject from that completely.

Why does your party have to have a name, just have a party.

leprauchauns in the ocean. lol. or blue clover? sorry i dont know.

omg yes! call it blue clovers! :)

Party teal you drop party! Teal is a combination of green and blue.Blues fest!

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