Do you guys like girls that eat or those that eat nothing to be be skinny?!

Question: Do you guys like girls that eat or those that eat nothing to be be skinny?

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I like my women to eat like god intended them to. It's always nice to see a woman eat ribs like they were meant to be eaten :D! but again if the girl is just naturally not a big eater it's no big deal. I just like them to be themselves in their natural ways.

guys want to punch girls who don't eat because they "are fat!!!!!!" Seriously. Be you're self. We all have to eat. Odds are if you claim you are fat and don't eat, you are skinny as a rail and want attention. Guys don't like that.
*most guys.

People need to eat to stay healthy. If some girls are fat they should start eating smaller portion and healthy food like fruits & veggie.

Whether you are skinny or fat each individual has a special quality in themselves which makes each one special in their own way.

i like girls that like to go out with me to nice restaurants in fact this my idea of a date lol but they must also workout to avoid being over weight (this is what i do) i cant stand girls that say their hungry but wont eat bc they are destroying their bodies

My husband says he wants me to look real. Not a starving model. He loves it when I eat and I enjoy all foods. I didn't do the salad route on our first date and he's told me to this day that he loved that. And we're not fat by any means, but he loved the healthy appetite.

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