You are home with no food and no money, what do you do?!

Question: You are home with no food and no money, what do you do?

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Go to your neighbors house and get some food if you're hungry. Go steal a harmonica from a dollar store and play it in the subway station with a paper cup for money.

At the end of the day go back to your home and sleep.

I go on the computer, go on to Yahoo Answers, and ask,
"I am home with no food and no money, what should I do?"

This is what I would REALLY do. I'd go to my best friend's house and live there for a while. Then when I'm all settled in, I'd look for job openings and hopefully get the job I've always wanted. Since this job will be very high-paid, I'll make enough money eventually to get my own apartment, then I can upgrade to a house.

Scrounge for change in your house. Chances are you can come up with a dollar and if you can, you have enough for Ramen Noodles.

I have friends and family who would lend me money. I would live off my friend for a while then go to whole foods to take as many samples as i can.

Go to sleep and wake up whenever someone (family member or friend) is done cooking and ready for you to eat!


Live the rest of my life as a hobo downtown

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