Is 10 people seated at a 5ft round table a tight fit?!

Question: Is 10 people seated at a 5ft round table a tight fit?
Im having 10 people on a 5ft round table at my wedding but i have heard it is too much and can be cramped. I want my guests to be able to breath so do I need less people on a table or do you think 10 people is ok?

Really appreciate your answer!?


Generally, you plan 2 feet per person at a table...regardless of the shape of the table.
I would suggest that you speak with the venue where you are having your reception.
They can tell you how many people they generally sit at a table.
If you want more room for whatever the reason, most venues will NOT charge more for additional tables...
It's the number of people they charge for.
Either way, your concern for your guests will be greatly appreciated as well as the extra space while eating.
Remember, people will be leaving early for a variety of reasons; tables can always be moved as the reception progresses.
Attention to such details is one thing but remember...The most important thing is the fact that you & your new husband spend this special day with joy, laughter, and hope for a blessed future in your hearts...Everything else seems to plae in that light doesn't it?
Best wishes to you both on your special day.

Experienced event planner.

They might be a little bit cramped up, ok for sitting but I like to jab my elbows out whilst I'm eating...

I assume you mean the diameter of the table is 5 foot? That means the circumference is Pie x 5 ft which gives you about 15.7 feet all the way around the table.

If you have 10 people that gives each person 1.57 ft space for a place setting. So you can easily imagine how much that is infront of you - It's not a lot. I guess you want about 2.5 ft to be comfy?

Edit: an 8ft diameter table will give you about 2.2 ft space per person. That's 67 cm per person, or two 30 cm rulers and a knife and fork.

For your 5ft tables you are looking at 6 or 7 people on each (2.6 vs 2.2 ft each)

Well, let's see, for a 5ft round table, circumference = 2*3.14*2.5 = 15.7ft

If you make 10 people sit on it then there is 1.57ft or 1ft 7 inches space for each people, plus you need some places in between the chairs.

I think it'll be a lil bit cramped. For 8 people it's ok.

BTW, happy wedding.

Absolutely. When eating think of place settings and how people eating. Glasses for drink will also be a factor. Unless you want them to eat with their elbows glued to their sides it would be impossible and pandemonium Be guided by whoever is organising your reception.

Well,think aboutit. Each person is roughly a foot wide. A chair is roughly a foot and a half wide. Your going to need a 10 foot table to fit 10 people.

Yes. For 10 people you need a 6' round table. On a 5' round table you'll get 6 comfortably and 8 a bit tighter.

Depends on their size. Obese people might be really embarrassed because it makes it so obvious.

Tables that size will seat 6 comfortably and 8 in a bit of a squeeze.

You need more tables.

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