I'm having a nerd 13th birthday party! Ideas for games, food etc ;)?!

Question: I'm having a nerd 13th birthday party! Ideas for games, food etc ;)?
Can you think of any ideas for a nerd themed 13ths birthday??
Like games and stuff food decor etc?


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Cupcakes are great they can be decerated so beauifully and usefully lol Green icing with glasses painted on the cakes... some with freckles too....

Also you can get decor with silly things on it I would suggest Pac man and ipod glass holders.... :/



Apples to Apples is a really fun game... and involves thinking :P

try star wars theme lots of video games lots of pizza and soda and a computer to go on world of warcraft decorate the place with a few baloons

Harry Potter theme? Thats pretty popular with the young teens!


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