16th birthday party ideas?!

Question: 16th birthday party ideas?
My 16th birthday party is coming extremely soon, and i need ideas considering it's inside. I don't want a theme, and i'm inviting around 30 people.. so it needs to be affordable. any ideas?


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Inside and no theme...hmmm. Pin the tail on the donkey and drop the clothespin in the milk jug, then cake and presents.

No theme needed. I say dessert bar, a punch fountain, maybe a chocolate fountain as well. A good DJ or a really good music playlist and plenty of room to dance and have fun. Rather than just moving the furniture up against the wall I would recommend you take the time to actually take it out of whatever room you'll be using and bring in a few chairs but not too many because if everyone has room to sit then no one will wanna get up and dance.

Create a playlist from your favorite songs.
Decorate with large number 16s.
Make it a pot-luck and invite everyone to bring their favorite dish (either homemade or store-bought). You can specify type of cuisine or dessert/entree/appetizer.
Create an art project for your guests -- ie. paper mache masks, decoupage boxes, etc. All you would need to supply would be glue, newspaper, paint, glitter, magazines (for cutting out).

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

You could have a picture collage of you when you were younger, of you and family, and you of friends

The decorations could be your absolute favorite colors

You could make a playlist of all your favorite songs, and just dance

Your cake could go with the color theme

I really hope it's fun :)

Cocktail party - eassy to make ones anyway :)

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