Birthday Party Ideas Please?!?!

Question: Birthday Party Ideas Please?!?
Ok, so I am planning on inviting like 6 or 7 girls over for a sleepover for my b-day, but Im not really sure what we would do. I am 13. I was thinking like music and games. anything else?


when i have parties me and my friends always go old school and play old sleepover games like truth or dare, the 10 finger game, would you rather. we love to play apples to apples (not serious answers, like funny ones that have to do with your friends.) we love to aim different people too ! :) choose a good chick flick kind of movie or some thing from 2007... we always watch fired up and i love you beth cooper. idk why its kind of like a sleepover tradition or something like that. or we like to go old school with a nicholas sparks movie or the movie animal house. :) hope i gave some ideas!

im 13 too.

well i just had a 13th party and we went to an amusement park.

do you have a pool? if so that would be fun. my friend also had a sleepover bday for her 13th and she had a pool it was tons of fun.

if not maybe watch some movies, and fun things. with like 7 girls it cant really get boring. truth or dare is always fun.

good luck!

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