i am taking you all out for a meal?!

Question: I am taking you all out for a meal?
what be your choice of

main course


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I would like a variety of appetizers, spinach & artichoke dip in Hawain Bread, Deviled Eggs, Shrimp Cocktail and crab dip.
Main course, salmon or steak & lobster or King Crab Legs.
You forgot sides: Broccoli florets, steamed asparagus with almonds, baby carrots with a drizzle of honey, mashed potatoes with a homemade chicken noodle soup (large noodles) I don't use a recipe for this, sorry
Dessert: Fruit Salad, strawberry shortcacke,


Grilled lemon chicken w/broccoli and mashed potatoes

Chocolate mousse

Unsweetened tea with lemon and 2 splenda

tortilla chips w/ spiniach/artichoke dip
Steak and mashpotatos
lava cake
water w/ lemon

Spring Mix Salad
Stuffed Sea Bass over Cream Seafood Sauce
Fruited Jello
Peach Tea

salad with lots of veggies
roast chicken
fruit salad
water, and a nice wine

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