a church is having a "free" breakfast?!

Question: A church is having a "free" breakfast?
At the end of the food line there is a bowl that ask for donations. Are people suppose to put money in the bowl? Or is it their own decision to give money?

I've asked this questions in the past. But it was a different from and received a lot of positive and some negative answers.


The breakfast is free. But, if after seing how full your plate is w/ tasty goodies, if you then feel led to drop a buck or two into the plate to say thanks, they will not turn it down. If you are flat broke, you can still eat and not pay. If you've got a bit to spare and are grateful, share a bit of yoru cash.

Some people go because it's a way of socializing and they gladly donate some money (and figure it was cheaper than eating out anyway)....

then there's some folks who really and truly cannot afford to pay for a meal, and therefore, probably pass the bowl by (wishing they could donate)

As nothing is ever "free"...you have to consider it cost the church money to buy all those food items and have the people give their time to set it up, prepare the food, clean up, etc.....so taking that into consideration...you SHOULD donate something into the bowl; and if you ask "why?">>>
be thankful because you CAN. ;)

It is your decision. Those free church meals are generally for impoverished people although anyone can go. You can decide to not donate, or donate what you can afford. There is no guideline to follow and nobody will ask your income.

Those free breakfasts and ice cream socials are ways for the church to get more money.
If your gonna go and eat for free, the least you can do is pony up a few bucks. I mean, come on.

I think it depends on if you attend/have a personal connection with that church or not...

I think you should ask the people at the church.

put money in the bowl

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