Ideas for a 15th Birthday Party?!

Question: Ideas for a 15th Birthday Party?
I'm having a birthday party soon, but don't know what to do.
I want it to be fun and not boring. There will be about 20 people (boys and girls) and it will most likely be at my house. I need things to do (not watch movies cos thats boring) and party games and stuff. :)


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You can Get Sprays.. Spray at eachother.. Water Fight. Do dance Offs.. Karaoke..
Or make 2 teams and each team picks a person from their team and the team has to try wrapping the person with toilet paper, the team that finsihes the fastest wins..
Lol Thats all i rly got 2 say...

Drinking games?

And you should have a theme, like movie characters or 80's or Neon ect..

Are you having a theme for your birthday? Like a dance/neon/gangsta party where you're the Mafia princess and everyone has to come in kind of a "costume" with their own made-up names...pass out toy squirt guns, have $ sign symbols on chocolate candy coins.

Or can you do a summer themed party and have water games?'s warm there, right? have 2 teams and a bucket of water and big sponge for each team...first person soaks the sponge, passes it behind them to team member, he passes it over his head til it gets to the end and last person runs up and empties it into another container, then takes the head of the line and everyone moves back. Game ends when first team either fills the container up to a certain line...OR...whichever team finishes with the most amount of water after everyone has run through.

Water balloons
Big water blaster guns filled with water and food coloring (guests must bring old clothes and huge white oversized t-shirts so you can see the colors)....have team colors and see who sprays the most.

Create a fun obstacle course of things they have to do

Indoor version: have 2 chairs on opposite side of room, have 2 teams. Fill balloons up with a note saying what they have to do. Object is each team member on go must grab a balloon, run to chair, sit on it til it pops, yell out what their note says and do it then head back to tag next member. Think of fun stuff (recite a nursery rhyme, sing in a high voice, do a somersault, skip back to team, run backwards, hop on 1 foot, recite the alphabet really fast, etc) (This involves you having to have enough balloons blown up ahead of time and your notes placed inside before the party).

Candy M&M's scavenger hunt for points>>…

Candy Bar Game >>>(scroll down on this link to see game instructions)>>…

Games like Twister, Apples to Apples, Charades, Uno card game for quieter moments.

Get a white playball and write tons of questions on it in permanent marker...ask whatever you want...make it fun! Then toss the ball around and whoever catches it has to answer the question their right thumb is touching. (Ask crazy things like "What would be your best pick-up line?" and anything else you can think of (enlist friends' help for questions, too).

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