I am hosting a party for all girls. The theme is everything PINK! I have a lot of ideas but i would love for more ideas. Movies, food, drinks, alcoholic drinks...... (everyone is over 23) :) Any ideas on how to make food pink would help a lot. Or good pink alcoholic drinks. HEEEEELP! :)


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Oh i've heard of a pink squirrel. Red food dye makes anything pink. (takes a ton of it to get anything red) what do you think a paprika chicken and noodle dish? Just thinking protein. I just saw ramen girl it's cute do you think you would want that? Go to a party supply store for pink plates and things. I suggest you use a little white to make all the pink pop and not feel like you are in a pepto commercial.

Pink lemonade, Pink manis and pedis, Pink Panties (http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink486.html…

drinksmixer.com is a good website for drinks and whatnot.

EDIT: (I came back) Below me ↓
P!nk is so awesome! Get a pink player (like a toy player) and get P!nk's album. Insert the CD and you have p!nk music for the whole night!

For food, sushi (with the pink raw fish). If that's too gross, try pink undercooked steak! Ok I wouldn't try that. How about strawberry cake with pink frosting?

pink lambrini!!!!! ITS AMAZING I love it. for food try food dye, pink cupcakes e.c.t
anythin is good. dunno bout movies. theres a singer called p!nk, dunno if you like her music but i think its cool. hope ot helps

pink lemonade is great and u can make little pink cupcake( just make cupcakes and put pink food coloring in the batter )

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