I Need To Create A Slogan... HELP?!

Question: I Need To Create A Slogan... HELP?
For a project at school i need to come up with a restaurant name and slogan. I had soo much trouble coming up with a name, but my friend and i came up with the name
The Curb. Its a teen related cafe/ hang out place.
Now all i need Help with is a slogan. I have like one idea but I dont like it.
Please help! Thanks sooo much!!!


Just "Kick It"....at the CURB!

(kick it...slang for "hang out")

Come hang out at the curb, you can't be disturbed!
Come hang out at the Crub, you can't be disturbed, By smelling all the great herbs!

Haha I hope this helps.!

the curb, the teen themed hang out area, be you
the curb, hang out, talk, eat

any of those ok?

hope it goes well

I think kick it at the curb is good. Truthfully I pictured a dog lifting his leg at the curb. Are you sure you want that for a name?


wierd right?

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