How do you throw a rave?!

Question: How do you throw a rave?
Me and my friend were thinking of party themes and we decided on a rave theme. We've been to a few raves before, but can't remember the specifics of the parties. What do you need (music, decorations ect.) all i remember was glow sticks and glow paint.


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I think its pretty easy
just get a DJ and some lasers and lights. Also give some glowsticks at the entrance and water, and tell everyone to dress like kandi ravers: bright colors, lots of bracelets, furry boots, etc.

Been to A LOT of raves

It depends on if you're doing a legal or illegal rave. I suppose you will be doing a legal one as you'd need connections to the rave scene to ever pull of an illegal one (in which case you would not be asking this question). First you need to find out the noise ordinances in your city and may even need city apporval before you can hold a rave. You'll need a warehouse which is easily rented. Then you'll need to find a DJ and various lights and such to 'decorate' things. If it's a big rave you should have a paramedic or someone around if anyone OD's or freaks out. You will most definately need an area for people to buy water as well. You might want to slightly furnish the place by putting a few couches/chairs around the perimeter for people who are a bit too high. Then you will need to promote you rave, you can find a lot of rave forums where you can do some promotion, go to local forums as well (especially ones that cater to drugs; they can be found on some social networking websites), you can also post flyers in specific places of the city; head shops, certain clubs, etc.

has to be well organized to get people to go and fro it to get down

-you mainly just need dj playing electro
-and sell waters for like a dollar each (people will bring their own xtc)
-then possibly glowsticks

if you wana spend a lil more money and go a lil more all out then

-use glow in the dark paint
-have a black light (will make the paint look sick and glowstick will too)
-buy the lazers

Rent a warehouse, lots of X, an X detector if you will from, lots of water, a good band, no decorations are needed but glow sticks and blow pops are good to have on hand.

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