13th Birthday Dance Party HELP?!?!

Question: 13th Birthday Dance Party HELP?!?
My daughter is having her 13th birthday party soon and wants to rent a music hall or lodge and have a dance. Advice from anyone who is thrown one??? Things to do? What was fun, what wasn't? Food ideas? Games? Music? Any and all advice much appreciated!


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Well...Have the dancing part of the party first, then eat for obvious reasons. Just play very popular music and let loose. Food: Chips, marshmallows, cake, cupcakes, soft drinks (check for allergies) just dancing with my friends (alomg with popular music) was fun. Nothing was boring. :D Hope this helps :)

I haven't thrown one, but I have attended one for a girl a little bit older... :)

The lodge seems amazing, but I don't know how suitable it would be for a dance party.

Fun - dancing, talking to friends, laughing, etc.

Not so fun - standing, akwardness, people who can't dance, (although quite funny if you are someone who can dance and you stand there laughing in pity at the fools xD) stupid party games

Food ideas - Stay away from too much hot stuff that goes nasty when it's cold... EWWY!

Games - Just try to stay away from the lameness. :D Google it, maybe Seventeen magazine will have some stuff for that. Idk!

Music - upbeat stuff, not TOO MUCH Justin Beiber

To make it really special, do something in front of everyone else that makes them jealous, surprises her, and pleases her. She can't suspect it though, or else it's not as fun.

Good luck with your party planning!

One great idea is to set up the music hall with a bunch of black lights, and tell everyone to wear white. Another fun idea is glow sticks. They both look awesome in the dark! Also, play the genre that your daughter and friends like, and pick upbeat songs. <3

Have upbeat music such as Lady Gaga. Everyone would want to dance if there was good music. Also, you can have a Simon says game where you say something to dance to and then stop and have people get eliminated.

just get the top 50 or so songs
it's a dance party so just get simple things like pizza, chips, pop

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