Which came first: Domino's Pizza or Dominoes the game?!

Question: Which came first: Domino's Pizza or Dominoes the game?
I was wondering which one came first. Was the game like a promotional game created by the pizza company? Or was the pizza company named for the game? I mean the logo for domino's pizza is a domino and they do cut their pizza into tiny squares, so I guess you could play dominoes with them if you used pepperoni as the pips...hmmm. Anyway, any help would be appreciated!


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the game

Great question! You have just stumbled on one of life's great mysteries! It's just like the chicken and the egg, you can't have one without the other. Now, the "dominos debate" has had the scientific community in an uproar over the past few centuries, all the way back to 1960 AD. During that time, the hierarchy of the Degrees Of Mental Intelligence National Organization (D.O.M.I.N.O.) has had it's share of political unrest within the organization, with each side both stating that their view is the correct one. In fact, in 1972 the elected leader was assassinated after declaring that both the pizza and the game were "gross and boring." However, the organization was able to agree upon a couple of key elements: 1. Dominos the game can be spelled with or without the 'e' 2. Domino's the pizza is not very good. So, in summary, the world does not know which came first and we may never know, but there are people and organizations out there dedicated to solving one of life's greatest riddles.


The game of Dominoes came before the pizza company. It's believed that the game of Dominoes originated in China in the 12th Century. The game spread to Italy about 600 years later and continued to spread through Europe for the remainder of the 18th Century. It reached the Americas during European colonization and has continued to entertain people for hundreds of years.
On the other hand, the pizza franchise Domino's was founded by two brothers in the 1960s. Tom and James Monaghan purchased a pizza parlor in Michigan call Dominick's. Tom changed the name from Dominick's to Domino's pizza. Since then, Domino's pizza has become the second largest pizza company in America which still remains faithful to the original, home-style pizza they were founded on.
I hope this helps.


Domino Pizza was founded in the 40s and they have been playing Dominos for centuries.

Seriously if you don't know by common sense you're just a teenage troll. The game.

the law of duhh

Your kidding right the game came out first lmao :)

The game.

I would say the game.

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