black light party question..?!

Question: Black light party question..?
my friends and i wanted to have a black light surprise sweet sixteen party for a close friend. the black light party pack is very expensive and over budget. any places where we can get the back much much cheaper? also anywhere you can find multiple black lights for cheap? thank you!


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Woah, okay so I logged into my old Y!A account just to answer this... lol.

Like the other answerer said, you can probably find them cheap at Walmart.. Spencers has a big selection though. however, DON'T get the cheap $2 purple lightbulbs expecting them to make things glow! This is simply a BLACK (well, purple) light.. it is not a UV light! Spencers does sell UV lightbulbs, but you'd be better off getting a few of the longer ones. One or two is enough to light up an average sized room, as long as its completely black.

Also, you'd be surprised at the things that glow under a blacklight! One really cheap thing is tonic/seltzer/carbonated water! It kind of tastes bad, but if you can make ice cubes out of it.
Laundry detergent also glows, and you can use it as paint! On the walls, ceilings, tables, skin... anything! (Just be careful, I have sensitive skin and it makes my arms a little itchy.) A little detergent goes a looong way!
Anything glow in the dark will also look super bright under a blacklight! You can find cheap beads/paint/etc. at any craft store: Michaels, AC Moore, etc.

Blacklight parties are fun, but you don't need to buy mad expensive "blacklight" things from Spencers (streamers, markers, etc.) While they're fun, all you need is a black light or two and simple stuff you probably already have around the house!

wal mart has the black light bulb screw in type like a regular light bulb for a few dollars each. if u have a spencers they carry them too. any department store. have fun

I think walmart has black lights for 12.99 that are about 24 inches long.

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