What are some good party ideas for a teen girl ?!

Question: What are some good party ideas for a teen girl ?
Nothing Lame Lol .. Or Too Expensive . I Live In The South So It Just Snowed Real Bad And We Cant Do Anything Outside..


Try board games or watch ur favorite movie and get ur friends and get food

Carnival Birthday Party-
For teens, this is really fun (especially for co-ed.)
Find a big room in your house (or number of rooms.) Maybe a basement, or living room and kitchen.
Hire a airbrush tattoo artist or face painter for an hour (if they want it, they have to get it done that hour. Specify on the invites what happens each hour.)
Have an hour where you open gifts, do cake, and eat things like pizza, hot dogs, cotton candy and snow cones. (Snow cones are easy, just buy some ice, blend it real fast, and get flavored syrup and put it in cups.) Cotton candy you can buy bagged, then put cones in and twist. Popcorn is good too. If you have leftover time within that hour, play games for candy such as trivia.
Next, here is the games. Set up karaoke with a bunch of CDs and a CD player, set out the game Twister, maybe buy some inflatable boxing gloves (meant for play), watch "The Mask" (a really good movie for a carnival birthday)
Play games until everyone goes home.

Winter Fun Birthday Party-
Set up tons of sleds outside, put out a bunch of obstacles (outdoor patio furniture, pieces of cardboard, boxes, wood, etc.) for people to hide behind for snowball fights. Get tons of food coloring or other types of dye and color the snow different colors and draw pictures in it. Have a snowman making contest.
Then, for indoor activities, make homemade hot chocolate( or easier, make homemade rice krispie treats and microwave hot chocolate) have a contest to see how many marshmallows people can put in their mouth, have cake. Open presents. For food, just do pizza.
Then, watch a movie such as Snow Buddies, Home Alone, etc. Something set in winter.
Decorate scarves. Buy cheap fleece scarves (or cut them out yourself out of fleece) and decorate with puffy paint and stick on jewels.
Send everyone home with their rice krispy treats, another hot chocolate packet, and their scarf.

If you can cook, you could get her to invite just a few friends and host a really posh dinner party. Get them all to dress up and light candles etc.

How about pizza and movies? But get some pizza bases and get them to make their own pizzas.

Something they can do is always good...maybe if you can source some cheap beads and trimmings they can make their own jewelry?

Or just a simple tea party! But make everything really pretty!

Maybe do something really "girly" and have a spa/makeover party. You can go to Wal-Mart they have those spa packages of a mud face, peel, toner (they cost 99 cents a piece last time a checked) Do some nails, make-up, hair (the girls can do each others) ? UMMM let's see what else... how about making "virgin" drinks? Pina Colada's, Daquiris... cooking party? I hope you find something fun! Good Luck.

I've always thought a masquerade would be cool. But that sometimes requires a large number of people and sometimes can get pretty elaborate. But it all depends on what is a genuine interest of yours.

whiskey and booty bass party
its were you play hipe-hop music with lots of bass and shake youre but around and drink wiskey

16 years of partying in the south!!!!!!!!

spa themed ... or winter themed

English tea party, he he I'm turning 14 and that's what I'm doing. Good Luck! :)

valentines day party. it would be cute, and fun.

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