Can someone help me decide on a birthday party please?!

Question: Can someone help me decide on a birthday party please?
Well basically I'm 15 in 11 days and I still haven't decided on a birthday party. I like in a **** hole, so all there is is cinema, town really. Mum said I'm not allowed to have a sleepover and any in the house, which rules out most things. Someone please suggest something i could do? :( I'd be so thankful!


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Go to a pizza arcade

Do a scavenger hunt around a store (Go in ahead of time and find all the things on the list in Target/Walmart. Some things could be a home team's baseball cap, white chalk, Hershey's dark chocolate, Katy Perry CD, etc. Give each team a disposable camera to take a picture of the item. Then, in exactly one hour, have them meet you at the front doors (or maybe somewhere out of the way such as outside by a park bench or other store.) Take them out to eat and a dine-in restaraunt while a family member gets the photos done at Walgreens (it only takes an hour there.) Then, before you leave the restaraunt, open gifts, and look through the pictures for each team to see who one. Winners get something like a cute mirror or notepad, while other team gets a piece of candy.

Take a few friends to the movies, baseball or hockey game, mall, etc.

why don't you just have a party that last until 10:30 somthing like that well get this i have never had a sleepover and never sleped over at any bodys house so i dont see what the promblem is its not like the world is ending if u dont have a sleep over ??

go to the movies
go to the mall
go out for dinner with your friends at a nice restaurant
have ur party in your backyard?


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