14th birthday party! I need help!?!

Question: 14th birthday party! I need help!?
I'm turning 14 in May. My mom wants me to start planning my birthday party.
My mom said that I can make it "big". Since I did not have a birthday party last year.

Here is what I would like to do:
A limo picks me up at my house, and we pick up the girls at around 12:30pm
Then we drive to the movie theatre. Watch a movie at around 2:00pm
The movie ends at around 4:00pm
We shop around for a little bit
At 5:30pm we go to the Cheescake factory, and eat dinner.
At around 7:00pm the limo drops us off at my house

There will be 9 girls (including me)
My older sister will ride with us in the limo and my mom will meet us at the movies.

How much money do you think this will be?
Also, do you think this is a good plan?
Thanks in advance


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Sounds like a feast! I think its a great idea.The diner includes just fast food or full meals.This is an important factor,it can increase the price a lot

It will probably end about anywhere from $400-$500. Especially since Cheescake Factory has $15 meals, and there are 9 girls. We will say movie tickets are $10 a piece. That's $225 right there, and thats not counting renting the limo.
That's a pretty good plan if you have the money. Make the invites really fancy. Tell them to dress casually, but don't tell any of them the plan. Tell them your mom will be there to pick you all up at 12:30. That way, they aren't expecting a limo. Burn a CD of all your favorite songs to sing along to while driving everywhere. Keep some plastic cups and 2 liters of soda in the back.

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