All things exciting! party ideas, alcohol ideas etc!?!

Question: All things exciting! party ideas, alcohol ideas etc!?
it's my 18th in just over a month & i'm going to have a girls house party with about 20 of my friends coming.

ideas on what alcohol to buy?
ideas on what food to get in/order?
ideas on what cute things such as vodka jelly?!

also.. ideas on what to wear would be lovely.


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You should get a pack of cards and play Kings or Ring of Fire if you've heard of it - if not the rules should be online - its pretty simple and its good fun.

Id say buy a few cocktail mixes - perhaps look up a recipe for your fav cocktail and make a big bowl of it... buy a shot drink too such as sambuca or sidekick to get the party going. As its gonna be girls u could get sparkling wine or champagne or something..or u can get cheap lambrini which tastes just as good.

Make sure u have good music playing and set the scene for a party - seeing as its a girls house party put up pink streamers and even disco balls if u can get ur hands on them...dim the lights a bit and clear a dance floor...put up pics of hot celebs and put a few balloons out for fun.

Food-wise I would have a few platters of strawberries and cream, maybe even a chocolate fountain or something. You could put out pretzels and dips or even sausage rolls so that nobodys hungry all night. Or if everyone's wanting something filling, order a pizza/indian/chinese.

Dress-wise I would wear a nice dressy top or even a fun party dress - it is your 18th and all eyes will most likely be on you. I was at a friends 18th and she wore a really cool sexy party dress with stilettos then changed into her converse which she wore with the dress - it looked really cool. Wear some bright funky make up like urban decay or something.

Golden rule - make sure its a night to remember and have fun. :)

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