How Can I Throw An Amazing Party & Have Them Wanna Come Back For Another?!

Question: How Can I Throw An Amazing Party & Have Them Wanna Come Back For Another?
Okay, I'm a freshman and so far all my friends have thrown super lame parties. So I wanna have one that everyone will have fun at and wanna come back for more parties. What should I do? I'm clueless because I've never thrown a big party before. I wanna have around 20 people come, no drinking, loud music... but idk what else? Please Help! Thanks in advance.


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Have good food, beverages, water...tubs of lighting, clean bathroom (with toweling paper to use), .....get a dart board>>guys love things that involve competition (so do girls)...can get some tournaments going...get a chalk board to post their scores so the next time they know what they have to beat.

If you have the dance game for a wii, that's fun to do for some. Not everyone will be doing the same thing at the same time. Do you have a Starbucks? Get the game Cranium ($30)...but invest in good stuff and people will keep playing. Can order online at Amazon I think, too.

Be a good hostess....if you see someone standing off by themselves, go over and engage them into doing in the kitchen to bring something out? introducing them to others,, yourself have to mingle and keep things lively and be gracious.

When weather gets warmer, can switch to bbq's...create a fun obstacle course, do fun water games.

Blow up a bunch of balloons...but before you do, insert a slip of paper with something on it that they have to do IF they break it or WHEN they break it if you do a game with them. (kind of like a truth or dare thing).

have stuf for people to do weather its board games, card games, ping pong whatever and also dont have a super tight schedule or anything.

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