What should i do for my 14th birthday?!

Question: What should i do for my 14th birthday?
ok well im a girl and i turn 14 on feb 5th 2011 and i need something fun to do for both boys and girls price doesnt matter all ideas are excepted


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go out for a meal, house party, sleepovers, theme parks, pool parties, disco all that.

Well your turning 14 right? You don't want to do anything big because its just your 14 birthday and not a sweet 16. So I suggest that you get 30 or 40 people (girls and boys) have a dinner party and if you live in NYC, go to manhattan for the dinner party or have a party bus party. With the party bus party u can have the same amount of people and basically dance and have fun on the party bus. I hope I helped you with your problem or gave u some idea on it.

Goood Luck :) ! And have a good 14th Birthday party

I'm turning 14 in June and i'm taking some of my friends to Six Flags Over Georgia. Because of the lack of money in my family due to my orchestra and mandolin camps, i'm only going to be able to take 3 friends. I want my party to be spectacular this year so the next day i'm going to have about 20-30 of my best friends (girls and guys) and go swimming in my backyard pool. I hope your party is going to be awesome! (And HAPPY BIRTHDAY (: )

i did paintball this year and it was soooooooo fun for both girls and boys
i kinda hurts for like a second when you get hit, but only for a second

laser tag is also REALLY fun

bowling, arcade, night of game playing at your house (pictionary or charades is fun)

dance party, dave and busters, dinner, party bus, movies

have mom rent a room in a hotel with a pool the guys can leave when pool closes and girls can stay over

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