Birthday girl ideas? Turning 15?!

Question: Birthday girl ideas? Turning 15?
Ok so it's my birthday in a few days I want to do something for my 15 Bday...I'm not the person to usually celebrate and I want to go out but Boomers,johns incredible pizza etc. Feels too kid-ish I want to do something, I thought about dinner but seems like it wont be fun? Plus wont be able to interact with everyone... Do u have any fun ideas or places to go to?? Help me please. Something fun and memorable. A fun dinner entertainment place?


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Dave & Busters or Peter Piper Pizza. Or any other place that's in your town that has a arcade and food maybe even Incredible Pizza they Go-Carts there

I think the perfect place for your party is Dave & Busters if there is one near you. It sounds like you are going for a fun, playful party that has a sense of maturity in it. Another place you could try is a club. Most clubs offer a "teen night", where they have one night dedicated to guests who are between the ages of 13-18. You can reserve a private party or just have a bunch of your friends go on a teen night.

Hope you have a great 15th birthday! Best wishes!

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Go to applebees! Im 15 too, and all the kids at my school love to go out to eat there because its not too expensive, and they have a lot of good foods! Plus, its not a kiddish restaurant, but its low key so you don't have to be on your best behavior. Hop i helped & happy birthday?


dave and busters

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