What are some good birthday party ideas?!

Question: What are some good birthday party ideas?
My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I don't have a lot of time to plan a cool memorable birthday party. I would like it to end with a sleepover at night, but something fun in the day before. It needs to be somewhat affordable, like under $100.
Here are some of my interests:
unique parties that are memorable

Thank you!


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You could by fabric and sewing needles and make clothes. Then have an adult dressed up like a servant and give you all avocado facials with cucumbers on your eyes. Later at the sleepover you guys can eat popcorn and have a fashion show with the clothes you designed.

Creativity I want to be an event planner when I grow up and keep in mind that I am a 10 yr. old girl.

Go to the mall and try to get as many things as you can for under a dollar at different stores with your friends. That is an amazing experience.
If you need to get gas, let everyone try to pump exactly 50 cents of gas.
Fill the tub with bubble bath and hop in!!!
Buy party hats and poppers.
Make hot dogs and buy chips and soft drinks.
Buy the biggest cake you can for under $10

Have fun!!!

hide and seek....in the dark

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