Birthday party ideas?!

Question: Birthday party ideas?
Im turning 14 and my birthday is in a few weeks. I dont have a lot of time to plan a unique but affordable birthday. I would like to end the night with a sleepover, but I dont know what to do before that. I am into: Fashion, spa stuff, unique parties, and dancing. Please give me some ideas! Thank you!


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I've always wanted to have a party at McDonald's but I cannot afford it...
It is honestly so fun...... you can:
* Eat Happy Meals
*Play in the "Play Place"
*Sit on cool chairs
* Sometimes they give you icecream :D
* Open your presents
* 3 is enough.. the fun never ends..
* Sit on Ronald's lap
* There's usually a special chair that has your age on it 8D
* A nice lady brings you a nice cake
* You get cool hats
*They give you goody-bags
* You can bring in things to entertain
* when I was little they gave out cool posters everyone can sign :D
The possabilites never end :D
My question for you: Can I come? I LOVE MCDONALDS PARTIES.

OMG i just typed up a lot then accidently did something a it all dissapeard so ill try to type this again but quicker....
(Im fourteen too!)

-cheap manicures (some are only like 12 dollars)
-baking a fun cake with all your names on it?) hahaha i know it sounds wierd but its fun
-playing a catergory-style fashion show (like your catergory is Winter Date or Sprong Party) and you all dress u[ and then the judge choses a winner.
-going to a spa like store and each person getting something like a lotion or body spray or face mask thing, then going home and everybody using them.
-if you have the wii, a dance dance revolution type thing,
-i like doing this thing where you get a partner, chose a song, and make up a dance. then the judge choses the best dance. i know it sounds wierd but its fun!

Okay have fun at your party! im sure whatever you do will be fun and fabulous and you will have a great time!

im a fourteen year old too. whoppeeee. well you will be soon <3

Birthday Party Ideas? Sure! Maybe a spa thing. Do you have a spare room? Throw it there! You can use beauty products and things that make you feel calm. Whatever you use at the spa! If you have a hot tub, spa or pool that should be easy. Fashion can be included too. Dress up funky or cute and have a fashion contest so you can win prizes! Dancing is also included. Get some tunes and have a dance contest! Then after that have a sleepover and watch some of your favourite movies! Hope I help!

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