Birthday Party Ideas!?!

Question: Birthday Party Ideas!?
I'm turning 13 in February and i have no idea what to do for my birthday party! I want at least 3 people at the party including me. I am in to baking, crafts, but my friends aren't... I really have hit a dead end... HELP! I'm a girl by the way!


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Dance party!

Well if you just want a small group of people i would say a slumber party. Since you like to bake do alot of baking before the party and have some fun with your mom :) Secondly since you like crafts do a makeup party. Then make jewlery. All girls love jewlery and makeup. You cant lose. With valentines right around the corner you could do a valentines party them and make Valentines for your crushes. Idk just a thought. Hope this helps. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

I've always wanted to have a party at McDonald's but I cannot afford it...
It is honestly so fun...... you can:
* Eat Happy Meals
*Play in the "Play Place"
*Sit on cool chairs
* Sometimes they give you icecream :D
* Open your presents
* 3 is enough.. the fun never ends..
* Sit on Ronald's lap
* There's usually a special chair that has your age on it 8D
* A nice lady brings you a nice cake
* You get cool hats
*They give you goody-bags
* You can bring in things to entertain
* when I was little they gave out cool posters everyone can sign :D
The possabilites never end :D
My question for you: Can I come? I LOVE MCDONALDS PARTIES.

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