birthday cake idea for my boyfriends birthday!?!

Question: Birthday cake idea for my boyfriends birthday!?
okay so hes turning 17 this year, and i LOVE baking. i plan on majoring in that as a career when im older. but anyways, he wants me to make him a taco bell themed cake, any ideas? i have some in my head but i cant quite put them together! so please help! his birthday is in a month and i want this to be perfect because he deserves nothing but the best!


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Make a jelly roll type cake and make it look like soft taco. put like nuts and green colored sweetened coconut inside, strawberry jelly instead of salsa... that kind of thing maybe? Then on top use white frosting and then (if you can find it) get some brown food dye and spray on little brown dots to make it look like a soft taco

taco bell themed cake? lol
honestly the first thing that comes to mind is a cake shaped like a taco. it would just be the basic form of the taco, and use fondant to make the meat, lettuce, cheese, etc.
or if you really want to get into it, make a chihuahua cake!
(cake boss gives good ideas)

Hahaha I think you should find out what his favorite thing is to order from there and make it look like that, like if its the beefy 5 layer burrito make it that! Or the taco bell dog! That would be cute.. but maybe a little too feminine.? Or maybe make it like the sign of taco bell

maybe a mexican sumbrao all decorated really bright and colorful and a few of those mexican guitars then a bunch of tacos comin out of the cake..hope this gets ur creative juices flowin lol i <3 bakin 2 it's really fun:D

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