What plates should I buy?!

Question: What plates should I buy?
I have a cool set of plates/bowls/cups with a blue tree on them, but I keep breaking them because I'm clumsy and they are heavy. So I want to buy some plastic plates that aren't so easily broken. Target has some cool melamine/plastic plates that I like.

Should I buy a bunch of different blue colored plates from Target (like mis matched designs, but all one color) or get a whole new set?


Where is it written that plates have to be uniform? Use some imagination and mix several colors and designs. Maybe match a family member or guest with their personality, favorite color, special design, size, or shape, whatever. I serve my sister a plate with an onion pattern because she hates them. My little brother gets a square plate because he's a geek, and he likes being a geek!. Grandma gets a smaller plate because she likes it and can handle it better. Make a game of it and set places with all different plates and tell everyone to sit where they like that plate. This way, people won't sit in the same old places and tell the same old stories. You can "cheat" on this and maybe sit next to who YOU want by putting plates you know certain people will choose. For instance, I put my brother's chosen plate as far away as possible.

You should get a whole new set. Or get Corelle (if thats not the type) that brand is great. my great grandmother had them. Now I own them. Still in great condition. They come in many colors too. Have fun Plate shopping!!! :)


You might get tired of a really bold, colorful design that you have to look at 3xs a day. I always tend towards plainer sets that I can dress up with colorful napkins, table clothes, etc.

Plates made up of China clay are the best,buy a full set of those.

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