party for a 10 year old boy?!

Question: Party for a 10 year old boy?
my little brother will be turning 10 this year and i want to throw him a surprise birthday party any ideas ?


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bring him out of the state or just think as if u were him where u want to go

.Laser Tag
.Murder Scene-have an adult cream and all of the kids rush into the other room where the murder scene took place and there will be fake blood on the adults hand. Then the lights turn off and a note appears and they have to find out who did it.
. Too cold for a pool party
. Itz
. Throw a carnival in your backyard

I want to be a event planner when I grow up and I am a 10 yr. old girl.

You must know something that he likes...a sport? monster trucks? aquariums? pick something that he likes as a theme, then plan around that for decorations and game ideas, and goody bags.

pool party,

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