strawberry shortcake party menu?!

Question: Strawberry shortcake party menu?
i'm planning a strawberry shortcake party for my daughter's 2nd birthday and am trying to decide what to serve. i want to have a strawberry themed menu. the party will be mostly adults and will start around 2 so a meal is not needed, i think. this is what i was thinking
cake with strawberry filling and strawberry ice cream
finger sandwiches (maybe shaped like strawberries) pb &j and strawberry cream cheese
fruit kabobs with strawberry yougurt fruit dip
strawberry shortcake cookies
strawberry punch (we'll have tea and water too)
and maybe chocolate covered strawberries

do you think this is a good menu for a strawberry social, any suggestions would be helpful


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only things to change, on strawberry shortcake theme: strawberry, rasberry, and cranberry kabob.

Sounds yummy!

I would have choc dipped strawberries!
you have a lot of desserts. what about swapping the cookies for a veggie tray?
Instead of ice cream ( since shortcake has whipped cream) you could do strawberry milkshakes.

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