Sweet 16 ideas for 8 girls in toronto?? All ideas welcome!!!?!

Question: Sweet 16 ideas for 8 girls in toronto?? All ideas welcome!!!?
im turning 16 in 2 weeks and have nooo idea what to do. Im having 7 girls (8 including me) no boys...just close friends, so its small, but i want to do something thats really cool that not a lot of poeple do. I live near toronto so something around there would be good. Im also willing to go into the niagar falls region. Any ideas? all ideas wlecome!!!!!


makeup/spa party?
lazer tag
scavenger hunt
see a concert

You can just have a random themed party like a..

Bumblebee Party
Button Party
Princess Party (they are still fun no matter what age and you know it! haha)
Spa Party

And you can just plan everything (food, crafts, games, etc.) around it.. like for the bumblebee one decorate everything yellow and have everyone make a bee to hang up..and all things honey..
Or decorate everything in buttons (cut big paper ones for decor) and make crafts and things with buttons (like hoodies or magnets) Cute as a button ;-)

If none of these are your thing then watch/go to a fun movie..or hit up a ice skating rink and go to dinner ;-) Happy Birthday when it comes!! Best of luck!

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