sweet 15 rave birthday party cake?!

Question: Sweet 15 rave birthday party cake?
im having a black light rave sweet 15 birthday party and i need ideas for a cake i wanted to make my own cake but i need some ideas of how it sould look i have around 40 people coming so its gonna have to be big and very unique i would love for the icing to glow in black light but i dont know any recipes for that. but if you could think of a place i could by a reeeally neat rave cake please telll me thanks sooo much:)


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Make four 8 inch square cakes. If you're not very experiences at baking, you might get the best results from using packet cake-mixes. They are very easy and give good results.

Choose two different flavours. Chocolate for one, maybe an orange or orange and poppyseed for the other.

First, trim down the sides, so they fit tightly together. If they are very rounded on top, trim them down flat. (You can reduce this a little by pushing out the mixture to the sides of the pan before baking). Then split them in half horizontally and join together with chocolate frosting. Join them mixed up, so there's one chocolate and one orange layer in each one.

You'll need a piece of plywood or very heavy cardboard, covered in silver paper, to put them on. Then cover the outside with frosting, thus making it look like one big cake. (Put strips of baking or greaseproof paper under the edges of the cake, to pick up any dropped frosting. Then pull the strips out when done).

Any white frosting will glow a little under black light. This opens up opportunities for using a dark icing with a pattern on it in white; only the white will show up.

Otherwise, buy a cheap pack of glow-sticks, or glow-stick bracelets. Wash them to be hygienic. Activate them and push them into the frosting just before serving the cake.

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