What to do for my bday party?!

Question: What to do for my bday party?
K so i turn 14 in april, I wanna plan ahead though, I wanna go to an indoor water park causer thats what i did last year but i hate going on slides, I only like going in the wave pool.. I would go to the amusment place but i hate rides i always fear that they will break or something.. I was thinking of taking two of my friends to a spa then going to my house for a sleepover, But i honestly dont know.. Any ideas? Im a girl btw.


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i would say go to a movie then to eat with your friends and hav a sleepover.

the waterpark and amusement park are a horrible idea if u only like the wave pool/ are afraid of rides, b/c peole will either: A- leave you to go on the rides or B stay with you and get bored (the wave pools arent really everyones idea of fun... and they're really dirty)

the spa idea is also nice, but only if you want to have a couple close friends..... but spa days are kind of pricy... they are AT LEAST $60 a person (if u go somewhere nice and get a nice treatment).. so that would be $180 for a small party..... ehh... thats kind of a lot.... you could have huge parties with tons of people for a LOT cheaper

what should I do for my 13th bday party?

The spa idea is really cool and that way, you don't have the anxiety about slides or rollarcoasters to freak you out on your birthday when you should be enjoying yourself! My friend did a spa day once and it was really good. If you only invited one or two friends to the spa, you could invite a few more to the sleepover, and that way no one's left out

Well for my 14th birthday, about 3 of my really close friends came over and we ordered pizza and went to the movies. :) Afterwards we came back to my house and played some party games. Then we rode bikes to the corner ice cream shop and got ice cream cones and soda. It was really fun and simple!

16 year old girl

Create your own at home spa type activities, get vids and music you like, and I love the idea of riding bikes or taking a walk somewhere. who wants to be stuck in the house too long?

For my 14th b-day I had a big party with all my friends pizza movies music and all!! And after 2 of m best friend said for a sleepover!!

14 years old girl!

dance party
mini golf
muder mistery

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