Do you know a good 13th birthday party idea?!

Question: Do you know a good 13th birthday party idea?
I need a great idea for a 13th birthday party. My birthday is on Valentines Day and in less than a month and I need to do something for it. I want to invite a bunch of people, but I'm okay with doing a sleepover with a couple girls later. I need something fun but nothing involving restaurants. I could do a movie but it would be expensive for a lot of people. Last year I had pizza and then went to a restaurant for dessert than went to a good movie than had a sleepover. I need a new, fun idea for a 13th party. Something unique, and not too expensive.


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My best friend just turned 13 and she did a scavenger hunt at the mall! Each Group of
4-5 people got 20$ to buy anything that costed money that was on the list (and everyone had 10-20$ left over to give back to her mom). It was so fun!! Either that or you could go paintballing. Thats always a good time

Im 13 :)

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