Original high school dance theme ideas?!

Question: Original high school dance theme ideas?
I'm organizing a dance at my school for the Grade 12/ Matric/ Senior students. We need to find a colorful, creative, original theme for the dance. Any good theme ideas? Please no generic themes eg. Las Vegas, Hollywood, Fairytale, etc. Points awarded to the best, most original answer!


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Some of our dance themes were:
Mission Impossible
Baseball/Other sports
Clue (like the board game and movie)
"A Pirate's Life For Me"

Sadly, high school dance themes have pretty much been done to death, since every school has several every year, so 'original' is kind of out of the question. Does your school have a special focus (like a charter school that's focused on music or math), or are you sports stars, or are you known for your alums going on to be famous in some field or career? You could focus on an era, like the Renaissance, the Roaring Twenties (flappers are FUN!), Ancient Egypt (NO asps), or maybe an event like Mardi Gras or Carnival, the Cannes Film Festival, The Oscars. Maybe get inspired by a movie genre (film noir, musicals), or a musical era (50s rock n roll, 80s big hair bands, WW2 jitterbugs). Not knowing where you're from or what you have available, it's all just brainstorming. Have fun!

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