Does anyone have any ideas for a party game during a birthday meal?!

Question: Does anyone have any ideas for a party game during a birthday meal?
Hi all,

I'm holding my birthday meal in a restaurant which used to be an old library. I want to entertain my guests with a library-themed party game.

So far i thought of asking all my guests to attend with a piece of entertaining knowledge, such as an interesting fact/discovery. As much as I love facts, I wonder whether this would get too serious, bore people and kill the party mood.

Basically I want to encourage intelligent talk (without sounding snobby) but in a fun way that anyone can participate.

Any ideas?


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Center the questions around philosophy. Educated discussion and can't get boring.

How about having them come in character as their favorite author? They could memorize some quotes, have some conversations in character (which gets hilarious when "Mark Twain" is chatting with "L Ron Hubbard", or some such juxtaposition). Kind of like, dinner mystery theatre without the murder.

beer pong and some thing ever one would like to see =) i think u know what i mean but not with a random guy like strip the bottle

can't go wrong with beer pong!

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