Is a mad hatter themed party fun for people who don't know who mad hatter is?!

Question: Is a mad hatter themed party fun for people who don't know who mad hatter is?
For my 13th birthday, I want to have a mad hatter tea party. We would do fun things like the tea cup toss, tea set match up, a scavenger hunt for a golden key and decorate top hats to wear at the party. I'm just not sure all my friends have seen the movie, more the less, liked it. I'm really not a huge fan myself, but I like the color scheme. I just don't want my friends to be sitting there bored to tears when I'm the only one who knows whats going on.


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That sounds like a very fun party! I am sure your guests will all have a fun time, even if they haven't seen last year's Alice movie.

Your games sound inspired and fun! Wonderful party planning! I am sure that anyone would enjoy attending, whether they are familiar with the Mad Hatter or not.

On a side note, I highly recommend reading the original books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, both by Lewis Carroll. They are fantastic books, and contain some excellent poems.

The movie was not based on either book. Rather, it was inspired by the characters in the original books, but picks up later in Alice's life.

The books are excellent, and I can not recommend them enough.

I have this edition:…

but any edition will do.

Have a great time, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

alas its no fun if they dont know who he was! mad hatter is a lovely theme by the way i would want to do one on this theme myself- but really how many know of it :( and i am a big fan!

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