what type of party should i have for my 16 birthday party?!

Question: What type of party should i have for my 16 birthday party?
hello?! im going to be 16 in november , and i have no idea what i want to do,,,i dont know if i should have a theme party or just a regular party, but then my parents told me they where giving me party money so i could use it or save it on watever i wanted. The only problem is that, i dont know if i should have a loud party, a formal party(few people, with very classic stuff), the main music, will be electronica , synth, dance, heavy metal, and rock,.. idont know what type of party to do, and what i should include in the party, so please help me out here ,, or should i just have nothing at all,, give me your idea, and opinion, ,, please help me , thanks!
P.S (i wanted to have a rave >_<)


If you were smart you would try to save as much of that money as possible, although I realize that you are a kid and might not do that. Your parents are smart doing what they are doing by giving you the option of what to do. They are trying to teach you to make educated decisions. Although a party would be fun, it is kind of weird planning one for yourself, usually someone throws a party or plans a party for you. I've always found it kind of odd when people plan a birthday party for themselves, it makes me feel like they are asking for attention. I would suggest, going to a fun/fancy restaurant that you would like to try; get dressed up (dress nice), invite just a couple of close friends and have your parents take you out to dinner or brunch at that restaurant or drop you off and then save that money for the future or something nice.

When you make your decision regarding how to use that money keep in mind the possibilities down the road that, that money would be useful/helpful not just your birthday, that is just one day.

No you sould have a party! Iam having my sweet 16 in August!!!!!!!!! And Iam not sure what to do either, but have a party it will be fun!!!!! Let me know what you do!!!! (if you can)


I would just save it.

Just have a party.. And have fun!!! its ur day.. Y not enjoy it

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