Birthday party help!?!

Question: Birthday party help!?
Okay, so i am going to have a birthday party soon and im inviting TONS of people. Proabably around 50- 60? idk maybe more. but i want to have like a dance party. I have a sweet idea of having like a few of my girls and me to make up a dance and like while everyone is dancing, and the song comes on...we just start to dance to the song and everyone will like back away and watch us. I want it to be likeeee sweeeeetttt. So, i want a really good song. I was thinking of pretty girl rock...but i just need like ideas for songs. BTW im going to be turning 13....soo yeahh. Thanks for your help!!! :))


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That's Courageous (:

To Spice Your Idea Up, I Suggest You Hire A DJ [Depending On Your Budget], Hire Dance Floors, A Couple Of Glow Sticks, Strobe Lights, And Have Your Dance Party In A Dark Area So People Will Have More Courage Dancing And Would Be Able To Dance With A Mysterious Person, And Perhaps If Your Willing To Dance With A Bunch Of Other Friends With Other People Watching You, I Suggest A Spotlight On You And Your Friends. Although You Never Know If They Would Back Away And Watch, Some People Are Different, And Also, It Depends On The Amount Of Space You Have In Case It's Squishy.

The Songs: Depends What Sort Of Dance You're Planning To Do, Hip Hop ?
Lady Gaga - Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Chris Brown - Freeze, Etc...

You Can Find List Of R&B Songs, Pop Songs, Hip Hop Songs, Whatever Category On Google (:


Don't do that. It'll be embarrassing!

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