are there orange chocolate chips at walmart?!

Question: Are there orange chocolate chips at walmart?
Or any other fruit flavored chocolate chip?


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Supposedly they were out at holiday time....I don't know what you're making, but here's a recipe for Orange Chocolate Chip cookies>>>(use 1 Tablespoon of orange zest--not packed down, and no white rind or it will be bitter)....another idea is to use orange craisins in place of nuts. Add the zest and taste the batter BEFORE adding any eggs to get the right orange-y flavor you like...but a lightly piled tablespoon of zest should do it.…

Lindt chocolates makes a chocolate-orange bar if that will help...otherwise go online to see where you can buy the chips (or call your local stores to see if they stock them).

No, I travel a lot and have been to so many Wallys that I can't even count. Never seen them there.
Well, but of course I have never looked for them. But a grocery store that might have them is Trader Joes, if you have one in your area.
Good Luck!


I honestly do not know why but I enjoy shopping at walmart, I usually do price reviews and 99% of the time walmart has lower prices. And also the most significant plus is they offered me a absolutely free $1000 giftcard! Great!

Closer to Valentines Day they have Strawberry.
There may be Raspberry too but I don't think so.


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