Good idea's for my mum's birthday party? (more details)?!

Question: Good idea's for my mum's birthday party? (more details)?
Right, my mum is having a 40th birthday party and me and my sister would love to do something nice for her at the party. E.g. like a poem or something like that...but not that cheesy. But we need some ideas, help please? And bear in mind that we only have one week...(bad kids, we know). Thankyou!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Best -- hire a bouncy castle.

I wrote a whimsical poem for idea is to print it out and put it into a photo frame for her..or get one of those double ones....poem on one side and a picture of you girls together with her on the other.

Here it is:

Dear Mom,

We know that when we were born
...right from the start...
That your two loving daughters
live in your heart;
There's been times you were tested
and perhaps brought to tears,
But you've always given
your best through the years...
Now as you turn 40
we can smile and say...
"You're the perfect example
of what we'll be some day!"

(then sign the poem)

Another idea is to write out on 40 slips of paper different memories you have or great things about can present them in a box ...can decoupage it using favorite old photos (and she can use it as a trinket/jewelry box later)...try to embellish it a bit with hot gluing something on it (jewels, pearls, lace, etc).

If having guests at the party....tell them to write out their favorite memory of her and bring to the party to put into a scrapbook or photo album with sleeves.

heres a few ideas..
- make a cute slideshow with old and new photos, write some memories to go along with the photos.. then play it at the party.
- make a massive homemade card, corny yeah but she's your mum she will love it.
-maybe bake her a cake

You mum will have old forgotten photos of herself when she was young teenager , try and raid her photo albums and scan and put them on a CD , then surprise her on the evening of her birthday.

Arrange party of her interests and tastes out of home at some favorite restaurant of your mother.Present gifts to her .But it all should be surprise for her.

write her a song then sing it to her infront of every one, she will be really proud of you.

Make her a card (like A2 size) containing photos from holidays/previous birthdays/christmas etc. Stick them all inside and decorate with ribbon/sequins etc. Hope this helps :)

My friend did a slideshow of photos of her mum, from when she was so young, till now, with tons of pictures. It was really nice :)

try and organise a cruise, or something very special she will never forget.
dont forget to take photos for memories :D


Get on of those party thingies that pop out of a small can and have many baloons and play the song happy birthday

gift he a vacation in an exotic place with companions she likes.…

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