14 birthday party/sleepover ideas?!

Question: 14 birthday party/sleepover ideas?
Hi I'm going to be turning 14 this year, and I need some ideas or places to do for a party or a sleepover. Please write any additional information...Thanks! And please nothing inappropriate. Also I don't like twilight or doing nails!!!


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Sleepovers need games, games and more activities to keep you guys busy and laughing...try doing a "mini-zebra" theme...make invites using fabric and glue together to leave one short end opened (the idea is to make it look like a pillowcase where a card will fit inside with the party details)....get some zebra print and put a trim on the opened end of the pillowcase for decoration....can even stuff pillow with some foam for a cushion-y effect. On the pillowcase in permanent marker write
"Let's catch some ZZZZZZZ's!!!"

For games: have an m&m scavenger hunt around your party area: >>

The Candy Bar Game>>Objective: Each person tries to get as many candy bars as they can
scroll down to read the instructions...too long to post here...

Play some balloon games...like a truth or dare only you write out the dares and put them inside balloons before blowing them up. To play:
Have 2 teams...and place 2 chairs across the party room...have a bunch of balloons (1 for each guest at least) On "go"...1st team member grabs a balloon, rushes over to chair, sits on balloon til it pops, shouts out the "dare" and has to do it and return to tag next team member. First team done wins. (Have easy dares like : Sing a nursery rhyme in a high voice
Put your slippers on the wrong feet
Swap shirts (or PJ tops with someone else)
Put your PJ bottoms on backwards
Balance a pillow on your head to go back to team
Put another balloon (not one with a dare in it) between your knees to run back to your team
Do a somersault back to team
etc etc etc

Play games like Uno card game or get a regular deck of cards and play Spoons (instructions online..it's easy!)...play War, or Crazy 8's
Charades, Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Mexican Train Dominoes

Get a fun beachball (or regular ball if can't find beachball) and write a whole bunch of questions on it with permanent marker: ask some really funny stuff...cram the ball. Maybe even add some questions when all guests are there. Then throughout the party toss the ball around and whoever catches it has to answer the question their RIGHT thumb is touching...and then they toss it off to anyone.

Get a digital camera....everyone sits around kind of in a circle or while your lying on the floor in your sleeping bags..Play this like "hot potato" only you're using a camera! Set the timer and start passing it around and everyone has to keep it aimed at themselves before passing it off>>>if it goes off and snaps a picture, that person is out of the game. (This way you have some pretty weird photos of your party!)

For fun...make some CAKE CONES>>

any 2 layer cake mix of your choice.
About 24 ice cream cake cones (the ones with the flat bottom.)
Frosting and decorations of your choice.

Mix cake mix as directed.

Fill cones with amount of batter that you would use to make cupcakes. Place inside a 9x13 inch baking pan to keep them up right.

Bake according to package directions for cupcakes.

Cake cones come out looking like they have a scoop of ice cream in them. Cool. When completely cooled frost and decorate as desired. (Everyone loves these....less messy to eat than cupcakes or cakes, too!)

tin foil contest! You get 2 rolls of tin foil and some tape. split your guests and you into 2 tteams. challenge them to make the best tin foil outfit they can in 30 minutes! one of the teammates iis the model. The other teammates make the outfit on her. then get 2 or 3 judges and have each teams model walk down a "runway" and see who wins!


Pillow fight?
Video games (just dance is a good one ;)?
Blindfolded makeovers?
Go t.p. someones house?
Truth or dare?
Apples to apples or other board games?


Hardcore Dares
Sneak out at night and meet other people
Sneak out and do dare with other people

Foam partyy!, or a party on a boat ;D, yes. i love ibizaa ;)

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